Search Destinations on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media app in the world? You can turn to this application to find picture-perfect spots and must-see places in your destination.

Before reaching your destination, make sure to search on Instagram and save your favorite photos.

Learn Common Words and Phrases

Moving around an unfamiliar place will always be easier if you have some knowledge of the local language. Focus on the basics, common words, phrases, and download a translation app for backup.

Don’t Over Plan and Stay Flexible

While having an itinerary is important you should always allow some time to wander around and let spontaneous activities arise. Life is much more fun when you live in the moment.

Notify Your Bank, Insurance and Related Services

Be proactive, inform your bank where you are traveling. It’s very common for credit cards to not work properly in a foreign country unless you notify your bank. In addition, you should notify your insurance as well as to leave everything in order at home.

You know the saying, better safe than sorry!

Pack Light

When going on vacation, it’s best to pack as light as possible. You’ll benefit from traveling more freely, with no excess baggage fees, less risk of losing things, and of course, you’ll have room for all your souvenirs and purchases.