Beware of Phishing Attacks

Ascendant Holidays | Preventing Fraud

Ascendant Holidays provides this important communication to build awareness regarding our Members receiving unsolicited emails and/or telephone calls where the person calling falsely states that he or she is associated with, or calling on behalf of Ascendant Holidays.

We want to inform you that Ascendant Holidays does NOT participate in any re-sale or buyback of any memberships nor does it recommend and/or endorse any third-party company that engages in these types of transactions. If a third party contacts you and asks you to pay an upfront fee of any kind you should closely investigate the claims they are making before sending any money.

We take information security seriously and ask that you also be vigilant in order to prevent fraud. Here are a few precautions to take:

  1. We strongly recommend the recipients of any irregular solicitations or communication reach out directly to your Member Service Representative, who can provide accurate, real-time information. Please do so calling the main Membership Help Line: +1 407-469-5970 | +1 844-897-6688
  2. Confirm the sender’s identity before opening attachments or clicking on links in any email you receive if you are not certain the email is genuine. Please closely look at the sending email domain to ensure the email is from a source you recognize. If you have any doubt, use independent means to contact us.
  3. All your payments are processed to accounts solely held at a U.S. based bank. Please do not wire money outside the United States.

Ascendant Holidays Prevent Frauds

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