Your Ascendant Holidays Membership Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Your RCI account logins will be emailed to you and can take up to 30 Business days to be delivered.

You are able to use your RCI vacation in any available destination throughout the world. Please make sure you have already deposited your week to use the available Trading Value.

Access lookup for your desired destination and dates and follow the booking process.

Please take into consideration that the registration process of new contracts may take up to 30 days to be fully processed.

Just call +1 407-469-5970 – Option 2 / Toll-Free USA & Canada: +1 844-897-6688 – Option 2 and ask to deposit your available week. Please have your contract number at hand.

No, your Trade Value is paid only when you want to activate your Trade Value to start traveling. Every year or every other year you will be able to decide if you want to activate your Trade Value or not based on your travel needs!

No, your trade value can only be used for any of the RCI resort condo weeks. These resorts can be seen in your RCI inventory book that you received today as well as your online account. When logging into your RCI account you will click on the “BOOK” tab in the top right of the RCI homepage. Then you will click “EXCHANGE VACATIONS” at this point you will be able to select an available destination and resort.

Yes, however your Trade Value ONLY covers the portion of the hotel stay. When using RCI and booking all-inclusive vacations you will need to pay a MANDATORY all-inclusive fee in addition to using Trade Value.

Remember your main benefit are Condo weeks and that Food and beverage is not included in your membership. Keep in mind you have Sunset world for all-inclusive with member only pricing as part of your membership benefits.

RCI offers a variety of travel-related services, we call these additional services. In this case the discount can be even as low as $1! Remember the main benefit of your membership is the Trade Value.

You will have the option to add 4 family members at the time you become a member.

Absolutely! You are allowed to add, change, and drop family members to the membership as needed.

In order to add or remove a person to your Ascendant Holidays membership, You must send a letter signed by both (member and your friend/family) saying you agree to add/remove this person. This letter must be notarized. A copy of both sides of the ID of the person is also mandatory.

Please register and activate your account at On this page, you will find cruises, itineraries, and general information. Once you have chosen your itinerary call (855)278-9888 where you can speak with our cruise specialist, receive your discount a book your cruise trip.

As mentioned, your Carnival benefit gives our members a 10-50% discount on all Carnival cruises, this discount varies based on the cruise, season and unit type.

In order to use their services, yes you must pay.

Once you receive your RCI credentials you will be able to contact RCI directly to book or you can easily book online!

Since your first Trade Value is complimentary after your first year you will contact Ascendant holidays member services first, to pay your Trade Value Usage fee.

Once the usage fee is paid your Trade Value will be deposited in your account within 1-2 business days.

Once your Trade Value is in your account you are ready to book online, or you can Call the RCI reservations Center.

No, your Last Call weeks are an added benefit that allows you to travel last minute, great for spontaneous travelers, within 45 days or less. These weeks are in addition to your Trade Value and the reservation has to be paid to RCI based on the rates showed on their webpage.

Please have your contract number in hand and contact +1 800-961-5621 or email; confirm the availability of your desired dates and book.

We recommend you book at least 30 days in advance. Please remember there are seasons with high demand, so the earlier you book the better.

You should contact Ascendant Holidays Member Services directly, Phone: +1 407-469-5970 – Option 1, Toll-Free USA & Canada: +1 844-897-6688 – Opt 1

We can send a copy via email.